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Have You Changed Too?

People are changing. We are uncovering and owning our innate beauty, radiance, and power. We are releasing old ways of being, of feeling jealous, and envious of others. We are using our sacred wisdom to change the world, and it is becoming a better place because of our new awareness.

The old limiting belief that we are “not enough” is slowly evaporating. We have learned that thinking derogatorily about ourselves serves no value to anyone or anything, especially to ourselves.

We now comprehend that everyone has a unique place in the world, and that we must find that place, develop our talents, and skills to live our sacred purpose, if the world is to exist. We also understand that “we are our deepest desire,” and that there is a plan of right action inside of us to accomplish it.

Those of us who have uncovered our soul’s purpose, and live it daily, have the onus to help, inspire and encourage others to do likewise. When we are empowered we naturally live our lives helping others to find their inner wisdom and to live their soul’s purpose.

I often remind others that “Everything we need to know is within us.”  Many are already awakening to this universal truth. Once we understand that each one of us is endowed with everything we need to know to live our soul’s deepest desires, it then becomes our responsibility to help others to awaken to their own personal power too.

My prayer is that in some way every day we will find at least one person to empower by reminding him or her that everything she or he needs to know is contained within.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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