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How Long Has It Been Since You UnPlugged?

How long has it been since you unplugged from toxic things and people?
Are you exhausted from being plugged in?

Finally, I am an expert on “taking care of me.” This blog will share with you what I have learned over the years about unplugging. My wish is that my experience will save you time, energy and a lot of frustration.

Use your imagination for a brief moment and play with me.

Here’s my story: Imagine the day you were born.  You arrived on Earth, fully charged, and fueled with ample energy and wisdom to create everything you wanted in your life. To ensure your success, Main Source, filled you with wisdom and power.

You were taught before birthing that the only way to retain the gifts of power and wisdom was to nurture and love yourself; to care for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

You said, “I promise to take care of myself” to Main Source. Furthermore, you were instructed to live purposefully, following your heart wisdom.  You were even warned that if you did not keep your promise there would be consequences. In other words, you were instructed to save some energy to nourish yourself, and your heart’s desires. Now do you remember?

Now, all of your life, you have given energy and wisdom to dreams, thoughts, work, conditions, issues, organizations, relationships and individuals, by infusing them with your sacred energy and wisdom. You may have given this energy unconsciously, but just the same you did it.

I learned that nothing grows in our lives without our energy and wisdom.

Did you know that when you decide to give life to anything, not only are you energetically connected to the thing or person, but the thing or person is connected to you? The thing or person is either energizing or depleting you; the connection goes back and forth.  There comes a day when you wake up “done in” and wondering what the hell happened to me? You are experiencing power shortages, lack of creative ideas, sickness, and life is frustrating, etc.

You already know that your energy is a sacred resource, and should be growing your personal goals first, right? So don’t be thoughtless with your life energy. It is a precious commodity.

Now listen up! If you have toxic situations in your life, in your work, relationships, old beliefs, behaviors, childhood issues, opposition to your values, etc., and are fueling them against your heart wisdom, you are going to feel an energy drain. So what are you going to do? This is a no brainer, right? You are going to pull a few plugs, let go of some things and people.

If you don’t pull some plugs you will have more and more power shortages. Were you aware that poisons from toxic conditions and relationships, etc., rush into your body like dirty backwash, and create stress, exhaustion, and eventually dis-ease in your life?

Remember your promise?  I am reminding you of it right now. Make the change. You are breaking a sacred agreement if you don’t. You gotta pull some plugs, no matter how difficult it seems in the moment, and nurture yourself in order to recoup and refocus on your own heart’s desires.

Ask yourself, "Do I have divine suckers living off of me, and projects that I am no longer interested in?”  I had to!

Take some time to consider that question. Next, determine who and what you want to contribute your life energy and wisdom to. You are the life giver of things in your life. You are the creator of your life. This is crucial to understand. If you are contributing energy to persons and conditions that are toxic, STOP right now, and withdraw your life force from these folks, and things, and empower yourself by taking care of you and following your heart’s desires.

Here’s a hint: To be healthy and balanced, designate a daily percentage of energy for your own refueling and nurturing. And when you find yourself connected to something that does not serve you, cut off the power…pull the plug immediately. Don’t wait until it has drained you. It’s down right WRONG for you to be plugged into something that ain’t good for you.

From now on, when considering where you want to put your energy and wisdom, make sure that what you are fueling returns energy to you in a good way. This is not being selfish. This is protecting and recharging you. This is the intelligent choice. Otherwise, your creations become energy drains instead of healthy exchanges.

Exercise: Establish a time for a plug pulling party. Then visualize pulling plugs from projects and persons who are toxic for you. After all, you only have so many plugs, so much energy. Remember, you have a right to choose who and what gets your life force.

Inquire of yourself, “What’s tiring, wearing, dying, chaotic, and stressful in my life?” Pull the plug and give that plug to something new that inspires and nourishes you.  Focus on what you want, and not what others want for you.

Ask yourself, “What new things/persons do I want to plug my life force into now?”  “What are my deepest desires and dreams?”

Did you pull all of the plugs you needed to?  If you have, then take some time to dream about the things, and people, you want to invite into your new life. After all, you deserve to live the life of your hearts’ desire, and if not now, when?

Your destiny is to be joyful every day, living your heart’s desires, following your soul’s wisdom! Go for it, schedule you Plug Pulling Part right now.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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