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What Makes Christmas Time Special?

What Makes Christmas Time So Very Special? Is it being with family and friends? Gifts? Giving? Receiving? Yummy food? Religious or spiritual beliefs? Time off from work? Traditions? Celebrations? Holiday Music? Sacred Rituals?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why am I compelled to do so much at this time of the year?”

There has to be a lot more to the Christmas story than the birth of baby Jesus.

For thousands of years, long before Jesus, numerous people celebrated this special time of year. Various cultures celebrated the “new sun,” during what is now called the winter solstice. Many of today’s Christmas rituals were borrowed from past solstice celebrations.

These old rituals were woven into other belief systems, such as Dec 25th being the designated day to celebrate the birth of a king god, as well as the idea of a virgin birth. Spring equinox rituals, too, were integrated into other belief systems, like the death and resurrection idea.

People long ago celebrated winter solstice for different reasons than today. They created rituals to celebrate the new sun; the coming of longer days and shorter nights. Their focus was on newborns and abundant harvests as a matter of survival. Additionally, folks celebrated the new sun because they were concerned about whether they would live through the winter cold and lack of food.

Jesus shares his birthday with many great sun gods, including: Apollo, Adonis, and Mithras, as well as Hercules the son supreme god of Zeus, Roman Bacchus and Greek Dionysus, gods of wine, to mention a few. Each of these gods were known as vegetation gods, and were worshiped as saviors. Truth is many “gods” shared similar life stories.

“Unto us a child is born” comes from a story older than the Bible and other formalized religions. This story has been written multifariously in various cultures for eons. Obviously, the story is significant since it has been passed down for generations.

Studying history, we could consider that the reason for the season isn’t just about a particular god or a seasonal event, but rather more about giving birth to something new, believing in innocence again, and celebrating and honoring it.

So, if we choose, we can celebrate the birth of Jesus, any God or Goddess, winter solstice, the birth of humanity (this means each one of us), the birth of consciousness, or a new consciousness.  We can even celebrate our inner child, our own innocence, that has never been lost, regardless of what others say.

This year, more than ever, I will be sitting by an open fire celebrating and loving the Sacred Light who lives within everyone and everything. I, too, will be mindful that each of us is the only begotten Child of the Divine, the Holy Child.

Now, your Xmas gift this year could be salvation, real salvation…setting you free of dogma, fairy tales, myths, lies, marketing scams, ignorance, and ridiculousness that doesn’t make sense.

You could decide to enjoy the gem held for eons within this wisdom story, and celebrate the truth about who and what you are – Spirit born in flesh, a Child of Light, here to love, experience and serve others.

So, what makes Christmas time special to you?

Blessed Holidays,

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