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The Feminine Internalizes While the Masculine Externalizes

When we decide to live from Wisdom, the Sacred Feminine Principle balanced with the Sacred Masculine Principle; we become very different human beings. Allow me to explain.

The Sacred Feminine Principle includes the attributes such as: love, kindness, compassion, birthing, laughter, creativity, dreaming, dancing, singing, fierceness and so on. This Principle goes a step further, prompting us to live in our body, from our center (the deepest part of ourselves), expressing our individual truth.

The Feminine is more about taking things inside of you, allowing them to cook, incubate, and grow – then utilizing them from the inside out. Conversely, Masculine is more about things outside of you, taking action to develop, build, and subsequently manifest. Neither of these principles is wrong, they are simply different. We just need to know how and when to use and honor both.

These two principles are necessary to evolve our lives – spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Our inner life, the feminine, has priority and dominance over the outer-oriented masculine. Both principles are essential; however, humans have become confused about how to live from the inside and express it outwardly. Instead, we live our lives from the outside, forsaking the inner voice.

For example, the feminine perspective of Wisdom is:

  • She lives within us and All Life.
  • We cannot be apart from Her.
  • She is inclusive.

The masculine perspective of Wisdom is:

  • He lives outside us somewhere in another world.
  • He only visits under certain conditions.
  • He is exclusive.

The voice of the masculine is direct, deliberate, with a plan, and orchestrated from the mind. The voice of the feminine offers options, cooperates, and collaborates from the heart. Together these two principles work for the Highest Good of All Life. Split these two Principles and our lives become chaotic and stressful.

When we allow God to be only outside of us, there is no possible way to be whole. Healing is always out there, somewhere, far far away. The only way we can achieve healing is to recognize inclusiveness – all functions within The Feminine Principle. When God is separate from us, "out here," our faith, hope, belief, and our deity become cold, hard, rigid, and dispassionate.

Living only from the patriarchal mind prevents us from connecting to our souls and living a life of harmony. Inviting only the masculine energy into our lives can often leave us feeling disconnected from not only “God” but everyone and everything, etc. Likewise, to invite only the feminine energy into our lives can often leave us feeling overly passive, dependent, and non-active.

One might note that when we decide to live also from the Feminine Principle, this takes inner work, dream work, feeling work, sensing, smelling, and touching with all senses.

The objective must be to invite the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Principles, to live within us, not only for our sake, but for the sake of all life.

The merging of these two principles within us creates a perfect and sacred union. The idea of duality and polarity then ceases to exist in our consciousness, thereby; we accept our roles within our inherent, mutual Divinity.

Love is a sacred union. It is none other. As we love Wisdom, we love ourselves. As we love ourselves, we love Wisdom. The Sacred Feminine and Masculine Principles are love embodied. We are gloriously both of these within the Oneness of All.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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