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I Grew Up in the Christian Religion, became an ordained…

minister and eventually realized something was gravely missing in my faith. Women did not have a God in their image or even a heroine to relate, except the Catholic Church did preserved Mother Mary as some sort of a “feminine god-like figure," of which I am grateful; however, sized her down to be submissive and subordinate to God. 

I discovered through my inner work, and working with women, that without a relatable god … we are plagued with issues of self-worth and self-esteem the world over. Women need to relate to the intimacy and sensitivity of a feminine presence.

The disrespect of The Sacred Feminine has permeated every facet of life on the planet. By rebuking and diminishing the wisdom women have to offer, the world continues to suffer and live in harshness. (Today many men are awakening to their need of the Divine Feminine too.)

The patriarchal rule has used the male-only creator to lessen the value of women, and this has hurt men too. One of the few women of strength Christianity did allow in the Bible Mary Magdalene, was falsely accused of being a prostitute, and made irrelevant – taking away her power, importance, and consequently belittling all women.

Curiously, in the Old Testament, Wisdom speaks in first person. She strongly represents the Feminine Side of God in these scriptures. In the New Testament She has been misinterpreted as an attribute of Jesus.

The Sacred Feminine has always been in the Bible and other holy books. Hiding Wisdom/Sophia has been one of the worst injustices and atrocities ever. When we investigate the reason for concealment the answer is: dominance, power, and greed.

Why remove God's other half? Because without Wisdom, war mentality becomes an honorable and justifiable attribute. The truth is, Sophia wouldn't stand for what is going on in the world today: millions starving, no shelter, medical care, constant war, etc.

We must heal all patriarchal religions, including Christianity, by placing the Sacred Feminine back on the throne where She has always been with the Sacred Masculine.

The Sacred Feminine must have Her rightful place, position, and power – then women will have theirs too. As long as we do not allow Wisdom/Sophia into our hearts we will remain at war internally and externally. There will be no peace on earth, or within, without the union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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