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The Law of Attraction, Does It Work?

This planet is full of innumerable choices, and we have the privilege and opportunity to select from this pot of soup or quantum soup. However, before we take a carrot from the soup, we must first understand there is only one major soup pot, our planet. It is bountiful, abundant, and rich with natural resources for all life. Problems arise when we view the pot of soup as a bottomless pit. It is self-generating, provided we abide by the recipe of the Head Chef.

When we take our bowl of soup from the pot, or even one carrot, we have to make sure that it belongs to us, and that we are willing to be responsible for it. We cannot take more soup than we need, and when we do, we disturb the entire balance of life and create chaos and confusion. Many well-meaning teachers, speakers, and writers have misunderstood this aspect of how our Universe works. More appropriately, we are blessed by the Law of Plenty or Abundance, not attraction.

Common sense says the law of attraction, under their definition, does not work. If it did, umpteen of us would no longer have desires. We would be surfeited. The Universe does have plenty of everything to support all life sufficiently, providing we each abide by the laws (the Head Chef’s recipe).

I have had to retrain myself how to accomplish my intentions, since better understanding the Law of Abundance. I no longer believe that I should or could have anything and everything I want in life. This is where greed can easily set in and we justify having more than we need. Even the American Dream has contributed toward the encouragement of people taking more than their share. Our capitalist system has contributed to the imbalances of the world’s resources.

A serious psychological issue happens, to most of us, when we have more than we need…excess. Compassion takes a back seat. We take on an attitude, I deserve this, and what’s worse, we justify our own pretentiousness. Few of us can escape the insidious mindset of greed…once we take more than Nature supports or allows.  Sad to say, when we are living out of balance, our ego-mind takes over, our heart shuts down, and we believe our own B.S.

We reap what we sow when we ignore and break the laws of Nature.  The harm and injustice shows up each day in the media, as some of us continue to take more than we need. The devastating actions of a few unaware beings, have caused the imbalance in our world and in turn has created nightmares for millions of people, for all life.

There has been copious research done by forward thinkers, and psychologists regarding the Haves and Have-nots.  Because of this greed consciousness, we are on the fringe of a serious backlash all over the world. Actually, it is happening now. The unscrupulous actions have produced a social hierarchy and inequality globally. Consequently, this has generated social issues on various levels. This unconscionable appetite is destroying our world. We need not look for aliens or others to eradicate us. It will be accomplished by breaking the sacred Laws of Nature.

We need a fresh approach of seeing our world, ourselves, and others. We are not living alone on the planet. We do not have rights to more than we need, and anyone can see the corruption that comes from this predilection.

Teaching that law of attraction can give us anything we want, is horribly wrong and extremely dangerous and harmful. We justify that it is okay for us to have more than we need while others go without, by saying we only need to teach them about the law of attraction. Yes, we do need to teach and empower others. We who know are responsible to teach Truth to those who do not know. We must support individuals by helping them become independent. Consider the old adage, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” It can be crippling to give to someone without simultaneously empowering them with Truth and teaching them the Law of Abundance.

The law of attraction which is being taught leads to greed and imbalance, in our world and on our planet. We must bring in a new energy that allows all to live plentifully, as designed by God-dess.

If we each took care of our own – our family, close friends, neighbors, community, city, state, country, and then branched out – teaching and supporting the same everywhere, we would have plenty…abundance for all.

The planet is abundant, providing we follow Mother Nature’s spiritual and physical laws. We cannot abuse either. Not only will we be destroying her, and ourselves in the process, we will never find real fulfillment. The ego or disconnected mind is always out of control, wanting (not needing) more. It cannot be quenched except by a watering from the soul.

Next time you are asking the Universe/God-dess for something, or someone, stop and say, “Do I really need this or do I just want this?” "Does this “thing” or “person” support me living my soul’s dream of whom and what I am?”  “Does my request benefit all concerned?” Asking your deep body, your soul, similar questions will keep you on the Beauty Path of Wholeness, and create a Good World.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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