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Transcend the Blame Game

Delving into the task of healing ourselves can be a messy process, and yet, once we move through our issues, the murkiness settles and answers begin to flow. It's tempting to blame everyone and everything for our pain. Every scenario has two sides to it; however, it is imperative when healing our part of the equation, to break away from the disempowering habit of blaming. As long as we hold onto blame, it prevents us from viewing the truth – our lives remain cloudy, confused, and locked. In this state, it is most difficult to heal and become whole.

If we are willing to release the blame and accept responsibility for our lives, we will be shown clarity by The Sacred. The issues within that need to be healed and transformed will be revealed – as will the steps we need to take – one by one. By releasing blame, shame, and guilt, our heart-mind is liberated to express the healthy person our soul dreamed us to be all along.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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