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Do You Trust Your Body Language?

By trusting your mind to guide your life, you are only using part of your guidance system. When you live in wholeness, encompassing your mind, bodies, and soul, you gather accurate information to guide your life. When in doubt, ask and trust your body over your mind any day. Your body cannot lie.

Your mind is an analytical network that supports the rest of your components, but does not confirm truth like your body. Our minds present to us what we have learned or what it can gather from around it in the collective consciousness. The body only reads, gives, and offers you personal data that is always accurate regardless of how your mind will try to rationalize it away. When making an important decision ask your body! Get the details from your mind, weigh out the situation and allow your mind to be a tool of your heart and bodies, not the leader.

be_stillWhen in doubt, sit and be still, become grounded and centered, then ask your bodies the question. Wait. Be still. Feel. Use your felt sense/intelligence. Have a pen and paper nearby and once your bodies begin to send you a message, write, write, write – freely without judgment. Your answer will come.

If at first you do not receive information, continue to sit and be still. After a while if no message comes, get up and go about your day, but pay attention as your bodies may send you the answer once you are not trying so hard. Eventually, you will learn to live your life guided by your total wisdom, the combination of your mind, soul, physical, and subtle bodies.

Do not become weary or impatient as you are relearning to listen for guidance. This is a natural thing that society and cultures have discredited. No wonder they have. For a person who listens to her/his whole self is free! She/he cannot be contained in a cage like a bird for her knowingness empowers her to live the life she was born to live.

Learn to listen to your sacred self. You need all parts of you to be whole. I learned this during the healing of my abusive childhood. As they say, the truth will set you free, and once you know the truth about whatever you are seeking, you then have the power to make the right decisions for your life.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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