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Surrendering to the Feminine Journey

The feminine journey is about reflecting and going within. The magic of this is, once a person opens his or her heart, Sophia, Divine Wisdom, leads the way – one step at a time. The seed of transformation lies within each one of us.

The beginning of salvation – freedom and wholeness – germinates from:

  • surrendering,
  • letting go of expectation and attachment,
  • going through the inner process of forgiving yourself and others, and
  • trusting that you will be taken care of.

Most men have been trained to conquer, control, and dominate – their focus is external. Boys are taught early this unnatural way of living by familial and society. Feminine focus, by contrast, is internal and reflective.

KuanYinSadly, in this day and age, girls too, are taught to live unnaturally. They are trained to be submissive and to be conquered. I have come to understand that no one can heal without surrendering to the feminine journey. It is imperative to have an internal dance between the masculine and feminine energy within us; without it, neither men nor women can be whole.

We have not been taught about real relationship, much less partnership. This new way of being with oneself, as well as with each other, is part of the new and evolving paradigm. To understand real relationship we each must surrender to the feminine journey.

This journey encompasses opening to the Sacred Feminine. It is She who causes transformation. The Great Mother God-dess is the Light and the Darkness, Wisdom and Word, Sophia and Logos, Yin and Yang – perfect balance. Her darkness allows the change within us to incubate and come forth for healing. We must embrace Her if we want wholeness/salvation.

Each person must come to terms with, not only the feminine energy within, but also with the Divine Feminine of the Universe, before transformation can come about.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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