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Take Care of Yourself

Centering/focusing in our heart daily reminds us who and what we are – it gives us steps and directs our actions. Most of us have forgotten, we are sacred souls and need to connect daily to the Source of All Life to refuel, and remember who we are.

sacred_lifeRealizing that All Life is sacred, is necessary for our existence. Not one creation is accidental. Each is a conglomeration of thought and in perfect design to fulfill its potential. People do not need dogma to remind them of who and what they are.  What people do need is a spiritual foundation.

Each of us is born with a heart center – contained within is our spirituality, life purpose, guidance-system, wisdom, talents, and Source. You might view the heart as a highly evolved piece of technology the mind could not begin to comprehend, let alone create. When contacted, the heart opens and offers clear information, like a download, for us to assimilate and use to accomplish our life dreams.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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