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Be the Hero of Your Own Story

While driving out of the neighborhood one day, some clarity came to me regarding how people give their power away by making other people their heroes. We do this early on as children. This may be a natural occurrence, and part of growing up, but when does it stop?

I have been given this insight, particularly as it applies to me. I tend to make people my heroes instead of learning from them and becoming a hero too.

supermanI believe this naturally happens as we mature, but somewhere down the road, it is the responsibility of the parent to teach us there is a hero/heroine within us as well. That allows us to shift our external focus and rely upon ourselves. If we were never taught about our inner hero, then we must re-parent ourselves, stop giving our power away, and allow the hero to emerge and shine from within. Besides, a benefit of knowing that every person has an internal hero is that it relieves us from overdoing for others, once we know they, too, are capable.

Marianne Williamson, the talented and insightful author and lecturer, said in a presentation, “It is not our darkness that frightens us, but our light.”  I know she speaks the truth. It is easier to allow others to be our heroes than own the power ourselves. This goes even deeper; let us take it to a spiritual level.

We each are born with a soul and this soul holds for us our life intentions, dreams, aspirations, gifts, talents, and power. Some people refer to the soul as a higher self. That is a good term, so let us use it in this writing. To recognize and own our power, to claim that we are souls, and have a higher self-power, would be to own the hero/heroine within. When this happens, a shift comes about in our lives, and we then get to live the hero’s/heroine’s life!

One of the unconscious downsides of becoming the hero is we have been taught that the hero often dies or is burdened with great sacrifice. So is this our fear preventing so many of us from claiming the inner hero?

We may not be living an exhilarating life out of fearing the archetypal heroic death.

My prayer for you is that you meet your hero, look him straight in the face, emulate his power, and invite him to be a part of your new powerful life, a life where you no longer give your power away. No wonder so many of us run on empty and feel unfulfilled!

Ponder This:
The truth is, we turn people into gods, goddesses, and our heroes because we cannot see our own light.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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