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What is Wisdom?

Reflecting upon a recent meditation, it is crucial to redefine Wisdom beyond today’s conventional or traditional interpretation. Wisdom shows up in art, music, math, science, as well as in each one of us and our gifts. It is the knowingness and intelligence of the Universe expressing Itself through us and as us.

Wisdom of the past is dry, dull and stale, written down in revered books somewhere.  Conversely, It becomes enlivened and malleable as Life evolves. This livingness is fluid and evolving, allowing richness and breadth as we clarify and refine our understanding.

As Intelligence, Wisdom changes in the moment as needed, yet is always in alignment with and for the Good of All. Divine Wisdom is constantly adapting and evolving. Wisdom is never stagnant, for It is alive.

When traditional or conventional wisdom, often confused with Authentic Wisdom, is integrated or used in our current-day world, it usually becomes problematic. Because it is static, we cannot always bring traditional wisdom forward to apply in our modern lives without accommodating its limitations.

Real Wisdom is the antithesis of static, it is always fresh, fluid. Authentic Wisdom is a livingness and is present in the moment to fit the need, situation, and degree of consciousness. We only have to ask and be open to It. Wisdom is ever-present and plentiful. There is no lack of Wisdom anywhere on the planet. The Universe and all creation is created out of It.

Once we open to this Aliveness, or Living Wisdom, our lives are changed forever. We live differently never looking outside ourselves for models, rather trusting our rich inner-knowing, our Wisdom. We connect to this Wisdom through opening the door of our hearts, which leads to our soul. Daily, Sophia pours Her Love, Compassion, Freedom, and Wisdom into me/us – the Chalice – and then tips us over and pours us out onto many people, thus raising conscious. This I know and hold.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!
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