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We Need a New Definition of Male and Female Energy


I thought this had changed some, but more and more I see evidence that it has not. We need a new definition of male and female energy. There is a major confusion about these energies and their function within both men and women. The entire world exists as a one-sided consciousness, having bought the patriarchal model of these two energies in diametric opposition; one is about dominance, the other about obedience or submission. Both are incorrect, even downright wrong!

The patriarchal and matriarchal energies are of the past. For us to evolve as a world and build strong satisfying relationships with each other, we must embrace our authentic selves allowing the sacred masculine and feminine energies within to combine and emerge in our lives.

The power structures of the patriarchy have damaged both men and women all over the world, and until we heal our inner-selves, there will be no true relationship between men and women, countries, or the planet.

Healing the individual and collective wounds caused by misunderstanding and misinterpreting male and female roles, energies, and attributes must occur if the world is to survive. The way we see each other is inappropriate causing chaos and imbalances in our world – thus war.

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