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mary magdeleneLooking back on my life – I grew up in the Christian religion, became an ordained minister, and eventually realized that something was gravely missing in my faith. Women did not have a God in their image or even a heroine to relate to. The Catholic Church did preserve Mother Mary as some sort of a “feminine god-like figure,” of which I am grateful; however, they sized her down to be submissive and subordinate to God.

I have discovered through my inner work, and working with women and young girls, that without a relatable god, and accordingly any positive feminine representations, we are plagued with issues of self-worth and self-esteem the world over. Women (men too) need to relate to the intimacy and sensitivity of a divine feminine presence.

One could argue that there are feminine deities in many beliefs; however, as they stand now, most of these are not given equal power or status by their culture. I am referring to a feminine presence who has power, Wisdom, love…the same (or other, equally valued) attributes given to the male god. I am not speaking to a submissive goddess who stands behind or underneath, or who is simply relegated to support the male deity, but rather an equal goddess who stands side by side, along with the masculine presence, in divine compliment and/or union.

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