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Ode to My Mother

Ruth Areta Leadingham

ruthMy precious mother slipped away to Heaven on April 17th.
I grieve.
My first Mother’s Day without her.
Inside I feel an immense hole, as if a piece of life has been ripped out of me, an aching empty space.
Her loving support was always around me, above me, below me, within me . . . surrounding me, but I was not aware of her constant soft, powerful energy.
I took it for granted.
A mother’s love encompassing her child is magnificently fierce. I did not realize this until I faced my mom’s death.
Yes, I know her love is ever present.
Yes, I know her soul is eternal.
I realize that she lives in my heart.
I understand that nothing can take away my memories.
Yet, the immense power of my mother’s love, and how to appreciate it, was something that I did not completely grasp. I wish I had been more aware, more grateful.
Now missing is the field of protective, loving energy that I danced in . . . which she held steadfastly for me. Was I obtuse not to have noticed?
Her love.
Her belief in me.
Her constant support of me shielded me from many harmful things.
She was an invisible foundation that I used as a springboard for my life.
I now see clearly.
I did not comprehend how much she taught me, nor did I give her credit for all she did, and the wisdom she shared.
It took God-dess giving her death to remind me that she was a soul, as well as my mother, who had her own special journey, besides mothering me.
I mourn.
Mom was my strongest advocate . . . even though, at times, I did not understand her.
I long for her.
Regardless, my mom was always there for me, sometimes out in the open fighting, and other times behind the scene. She encouraged me to be all she, and I, had dreamed me to be.
I am heartsick.
No wonder a mother is often exhausted and at times frustrated. Furthering her children on the path of graceful evolution, to be all they can be, is hard work. Now that’s a real job!
I Love and Cherish You Mother.
I am so sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you for being my mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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