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A Twinkling Light

infinity_starsInfinite Wisdom/Sophia gave me a lovely metaphor to share regarding how we are all connected and work as One. The midnight sky is a perfect illustration.

When we gaze up into a clear night sky and view millions of stars, this is a fitting way to describe humanity and Sophia as One.

She is the midnight sky, the blanket and foundation of All That Is. The stars are Life in its abounding forms. Some appear to be brighter and larger than others. Although this may be literally true, from the viewpoint of the Midnight Sky, All Life forms are equal.

The difference in each star is simply the illumination or the consciousness. Some stars form a pattern or design and work as a team, while others work individually – yet, all are within and surrounded by the Midnight Sky, Infinite Sophia.

Sometimes the light goes out in a star and it dissolves and falls out of the sky to be recycled again. Others continue to burn and grow until their time has come to dissolve and renew as a brighter star.

Insight: What a splendid way to ponder how we all are One Consciousness, supported by and held within The Great Mother Sky. The starlit night sky reveals Wisdom’s secret, All Life is One, woven and displayed magnificently together.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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