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God Sends Us Signs

cardinalToday while looking outside my kitchen window, I watched the sun slowly rising and shining high into the treetops. The light coming through the trees was splendid. I said a prayer and asked for more Light to be shed on my life so I could more clearly see things that keep me from living a life of wholeness . . . walking on the Path of Duality. My intention is to walk consistently on the Beauty Path of Oneness.

In that exact moment, a bright, red cardinal landed on an upper branch of a tall tree in direct sight as a confirmation. I knew God-dess had heard me, and had sent a messenger. I was reminded that the heart behind the bird is the same heart behind me that – the bird’s breath was the same as mine.

I got it. I have been fond of red birds since a wee girl, and this cardinal represents the Divine to me today. In a flash, I humbly realized, that the Heart behind All Life, heard my request and had sent a bright, yet soft, instant reply.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

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