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My Thanksgiving Wish for You

To be happy is an endless pursuit for many of us. Our belief has become that we need to be “happy all the time.” Otherwise, something is wrong with us, but this is not true. We cannot be cheerful all the time, and neither are we created to be.

Let’s stop pressuring ourselves, and others, to be “happy all the time.” Feeling happy and unhappy are inherent human emotions that come and go throughout our day, and throughout our lives. The various happy myths need to end.

Rather than everlasting happiness, could it be joy that we seek? However, joy cannot be known in a pursuit of constant happiness, and resistance toward unhappiness. We could embrace and feel both emotions, the good and not so good, which would bring forth more harmony in our lives.

Remember, joy is the state and essence of our soul. It is an attribute of God-dess and is ubiquitous in the Universe and our lives. Waiting to be realized. Seized. You do not have to take any action to have joy, just become aware of it.

Happiness is not a substitute for joy. Although happiness is an important and necessary quality to cultivate and has many benefits; joy is the ultimate discovery. Joy is what we are yearning.

Being happy is not the same as being joyful. Happiness is developed in the mind. Joy is discovered in the soul. We can never fill ourselves up with just happy moments, yet we can fill ourselves up with joy to the top and overflowing.

Unhappiness has benefits too. It expands our empathy and compassion and creates an appreciation for the happy times. So, unhappiness has its place in our lives as well.

It is unnatural and unhealthy to be always happy or unhappy; it is natural to be always joyful. We can be joyful whether we are pleased or not. That’s a paradox to ponder.

Without the realization that joy is our essential nature, and what we are desiring, we unconsciously seek the happy all the time myths, becoming further unhappy, as we chase this impossible fantasy.

Joy is present when we stop desiring, striving, and searching to be forever happy, and fighting against unhappiness. Our lives were not designed for only happy times. Even if we focus, pray, or intend to be so 24/7. There will still be down times. Regardless.

Joy is pure. Rich. Elegant. There is no opposite of joy. It is a permanent state of gladness anchored within every soul. Joy sustains us during the struggles of our lives. Joy is ever present in our being. It cannot be lost. Only unveiled. Embrace it.

Since happiness and unhappiness is a part of the human experience, perhaps this is why God-dess sent Joy.

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