Beverley DanusisBev's vision is “Bringing Wisdom Into the World through the Hearts of Women and Girls™." In a high- tech, bottom line world, the need for wisdom has been too often ignored and forgotten. The significance of wisdom has been played down for centuries and replaced with mind games, manipulation and competition, which has lead to a false belief of what, is truly important and fulfilling to human beings.

Bev has one clearly defined intention and that is to support women and girls to develop their strength and courage to go within and discover their heart wisdom. We know by empowering and inspiring women and girls to use their heart wisdom they will create a better life for themselves, their families and, in turn, create a better world for all.

We envision a planet of children, raised by wisdom-centered parents, family and extended family, who are well-prepared to support a healthy world for all life. We are exhilarated by the idea of a world that is "AboutWisdom™" and the positive change that it can have on future generations.