Beverley DanusisBeverley Danusis has spent over 12 years researching information and accumulating knowledge that she presents during her seminars. She has, additionally, spent over 25 years presenting seminars on women's empowerment and issues. She has discovered that encouraging women to embrace their inner wisdom gifts, which she calls "goddess gifts," has been the most effective process for enduring self-empowerment.

Bev's passion is empowering women and girls. She understands this alone will bring about the much needed social change to our world. Bev believes if the world is going to be a good place for all, this task will take women owning and using their inner wisdom and inspiring and teaching others to do the same.

Beverley was an abused child and battered wife and overcame her situations by learning how to utilize her inner wisdom. She moved from victim to victor, limitation to abundance, a sales rep to a CEO and Business Woman of The Year. Bev moved from a young woman who could barely feed her two children, to a successful entrepreneur who lives an inspiring life.

Beverley's wisdom teachings have nothing to do with a religion; however, they can be integrated into any belief system, religious or not. Wisdom teachings are inspirational.

Beverley believes that "women aren't done yet." The feminine movement is not over, it has been evolving and now ready to armor itself with wisdom.  She says that we have further to go and it is imperative we connect to our inner wisdom, and find the courage to use our feminine wisdom to create a good world, which woman know to be possible.

Beverley believes that women need to have a paradigm shift and give up the worn out "princess mentality" and for those whom are "over it," they need to support their sisters into doing likewise. The manipulating and debilitating mind-set of "princess," even when drenched in higher education, still locks females in an old paradigm of powerlessness and keeps them focusing on unimportant things. Bev wants to create a "wisdom goddess movement" and invites other women to join her efforts in bringing wisdom back into the world.

Bev's presentation titled "Empowered Living: Embracing the Goddesses Within," is the adult version of Beverley's adolescent book, "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: A Journey of Self-Acceptance."  Women of all ages would enjoy reading this adventure empowerment book for it was written to entertain adults as well as children.

Bev's presentation is filled with entertainment, education, and enlightenment and easy to apply information. You are going to enjoy her and her powerful message.