What do you mean by the term goddess?

The term goddess is and was used in ancient civilizations to describe the personification of behavioral patterns found in all humans. In mythology humans are taught powers and given help in accomplishing the impossible. The assistance to overcome massive obstacles came from Greek Goddesses and Gods where there was a joint venture between the human and mythological powers.

We believe the playful goddess theme encourages the imagination and elicits empowerment and self-confidence in women and girls, while it replaces the hackneyed term, princess. Princess, Queen and Empress are figures that have power over others or manipulates with power. Moreover, the term princess carries a negative connotation, noted by many mothers as it perpetuates an attitude of dependence, rather than self-confidence and independence in girls and young women. One of Beverley’s favorite sayings is: “Goddesses come in every size, shape and color, while Princesses come only in one idealized package."

As a company dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls we chose to use the term (goddess) that signifies self-empowerment and empowerment with others, rather than power over others. We at Beverley Danusis, LLC believe the term goddess brings about empowerment for women and girls.


What are Beverley Danusis, LLC Seminars?

Beverley Danusis, LLC Seminars are created by Bev Danusis from her life experience and education. The seminar content works. Women become empowered and their lives are transformed forever.


How often should I visit BevDanusis.com?

Our site was designed to be visited as often as you desire, or need, inspiration & information. Visit us on those days you want to grow, feeling out of balance, or a bit weary or even powerless. And visit our site when not feeling appreciated, had a disagreement at home or work, stressed out of your mind, a little blue, started your monthly, or feeling pretty hot from those “goddess flashes”.

You don’t have to have a reason to visit beverleydanusis.com for there is always a variety of ways of enlightenment, encouragement, and education that will sooth, heal and inspire you and make your day just a little better- because you came by.


Does Bev Danusis have a blog?

Yes, we have a blog. Bev’s Blog, that she calls Her Wisdom. This blog allows women from all parts of the world to comment freely and share their wisdom and experiences. Join Bev’s Blog and let us know about your wisdom and the wisdom of your mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and so forth.


What is the wisdom goddess quiz?

It is a fun and informative quiz – not a test. It is a snapshot of your life, right now. The quiz shows your dominant goddess wisdom, your unique goddess mix. And it points to which goddesses are in balance and which are not. Each woman has her own unique goddess portrait & understanding this supports you to live a more empowered life.


What makes Bev unique?

Bev Danusis is an educational and empowering speaker that teaches women to use their innate wisdom to create a better life for all. We believe that empowerment is internal, not external.

We believe empowerment comes from understanding that we are born gifted with wisdom and in order to live an empowered life we must learn how to this gift and now deny it. This is Bev’s message.

We are a wisdom movement, dedicated to bringing wisdom back into the world through the hearts of women and girls.


What is Her Wisdom and Simple Wisdom?

Simple Wisdoms are short inspirational thoughts, which you may sign up to receive daily, via email.  Her Wisdoms are Bev’s Blog which she writes weekly to support your better understanding of the empowering energy of wisdom.


How do you use the word Wisdom?

We believe that the definition of wisdom is having the ability to know without process of reasoning. Beyond the mind; intuitive. Ancient teachers called this "feminine understanding.” It is neither EQ nor IQ.  In the Greek language the word Wisdom is pronounced Sophia. I am not referring to Traditional or Conventional wisdom.

The wisdom Bev is referring to is not written down in a book or recorded electronically-rather it is a stream of information that flows to us and through our entire body system. Wisdom comes as a feeling that transfers into words not vice a versa.


What kind of guarantee do you have?

Beverley Danusis, LLC offers a full money-back Guarantee/Replacement Policy, which ensures 100% satisfaction with your purchase on any of our products. (See company policy on About Us page) If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, or you receive a defective product, please return the product in its original condition, along with a copy of the invoice, within 30 days from date of shipment. Please include a statement of your wishes for either refund or replacement. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping charges. We will then cheerfully refund full cost of purchase, or credit full purchase price to the credit card account of record. Contact us at: info@bevdanusis.com, or call 260.602.7866.