What is a WisdomWoman?

WisdomWoman…..born goddess!

Your “goddess” personality style is a critical factor influencing your happiness and success. When you understand this significance, harness the tremendous potential of it and gain insight into how it influences your life, growth and positive change can occur. You become more empowered and in love with who and what you really are.

Our WisdomWoman Goddess Quiz is a fun tool to learn about yourself and your girlfriends, not to mention your relatives. The quiz allows you to have a better understanding of why you do the things you do and why other women do what they do.

The goddess style quiz is also is a great communication tool for women AND for men. Men who want to understand women better can use the goddess styles to learn that there are different types of women and what to expect of them. The goddess styles also help men understand woman who are complex or who appear to be contradictory.

The psychology of the quiz is based on the work of noted psychiatrists Dr. Carl Jung and Dr. Jean Bolen, as well as professor and author Joseph Campbell. We are often unaware of the powerful effects that cultural stereotypes have upon us, and of the unconscious personality forces operating within us that influence what we do and how we feel. The WisdomWoman Goddess Quiz brings these forces and effects to light.

We are introducing these personality forces in the guise of seven Greek goddesses. Each of us has her own unique mix of these goddess styles. You saw a visual representation of yours at the end of the quiz. Now read on and find out about the leading goddess style influencing your life at this moment!

Goddess Style Athena – Leader Woman

  Leader and high achiever
  Resourceful and inventive
  Healthy self-esteem
  Father’s daughter
  Self-confident, courageous, and benevolent
  She instills courage and reminds us to be brave
  She demonstrates the virtue of self-government
  When we are losing control we call on her power. She can keep her head in the heat of emotion
  She is rational and cool under fire
  Represents the positive male aspect of us
  Diplomatic, a great negotiator
  Excellent verbal skills, is persuasive
  Capacity for caring manifests itself as action rather than emotional nurturing
  She demonstrates business acumen supplemented with creative power
  Logical, practical, values mind over emotions
  “I did it my way!” is her favorite phrase
  Mature strategist and planner
  Enjoys working with men
  Attracted to and collects owls
  Loves business, academia, science, military or political arena

Celebrity Personification of Goddess Style Athena – Oprah Winfrey