AboutWisdom: Empowered Living Seminars & WorkshopsBev Danusis provides workshops and retreats focused on women and the young girls in their lives.  She seeks to teach women skills to not only empower themselves, but their tween daughters, nieces, and granddaughters in a setting that is relevant to both age groups.  Each woman is empowered to embrace her personal Greek Goddesses within.   She is then taken to the next step – identifying her goddess mix – which goddess is leading and which goddesses are out of balance.  By tapping into their inner Goddess, women learn to also tap into their inner wisdom to live a wisdom-filled life.  Once a women learns to live a wisdom driven life, she is then able to impart that wisdom to the young girls (tweens) in her life. 

Young girls attending the mother-daughter workshops learn about the importance self-acceptance.  Each daughter, niece, and granddaughter is challenged to realize they are more than princesses, but goddesses.  Through this journey of self-exploration these tweens are placed on the path of walking and living a wisdom-filled life. 

Together, woman and young-woman alike participate in exercises that make the concepts imparted in the seminars and workshops easy to learn and take-away. 

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Workshops and Retreats

Awakening Sophia: Living From Your Heart

Awakening Sophia (Wisdom) brings the realization that you are a Born Goddess…Bold, Brilliant and Beautiful™. You instantly take responsibility to claim your unique beauty, inner wisdom and power without apology. Awakening to your inner wisdom, allows you to live an empowered life every day not just once in a while.

During the seminar you will receive knowledge and action steps to develop skills to access and utilize your inner feminine wisdom. This is the single most important empowerment tool you will ever learn!

Once you recognize and own your intuitive feminine wisdom you will never need another kick in the butt to help you accomplish your soul's dream or to feel empowered. Why?  Because you’ll know the answers and you’ll have the skills to obtain them.

It is important for every woman to awaken to her intuitive wisdom and to embrace it to create a better world for herself, family and community, consequently the world. Women are Vessels of Wisdom and once they understand how to access this divine power & help; they will pour it out and transform the world.

To schedule an Awakening Sophia: Living From Your Heart Seminar email: info@bevdanusis.com or call 260.602.7866.


Embracing the Goddesses Within

Every woman and girl is a “Born Goddess™”…innately wise, gifted, and beautiful.  This seminar offers knowledge and helps to develop skills that bring about this awareness for every participant.

During the presentation you will learn innovative ideas of how to discover and embrace, what psychologist call, innate goddess gifts. You will put them to use immediately for self-empowerment.

This seminar will teach you how to respect, appreciate, and trust your unique goddess gifts. Additionally you will obtain dynamite tools for de-stressing and bringing more balance into your life.

As a Special Bonus you will get to compassionately observe your negative habits and behaviors, let them go, and replace them with positive ones that support an “Empowered Life” for you, your family and community.

You will joyously leave this presentation with a real sense of empowerment – knowing you are a Born Goddess™ and that “You’ve Got It, Too™!”

To schedule an Embracing the Goddesses Within Seminar email: info@bevdanusis.com or call 260.602.7866.


A Woman Called “The Sophia”:  Mary Magdalene

Are you intrigued by how and why society keeps resurrecting Mary Magdalene? Do you find the many opposing and controversial theories of her from artists, learned scholars, and religious figures fascinating? What was it that she taught that had to be hushed? Who was she a threat to, and why? Isn’t it amazing that after all these years we still cannot get the truth about Mary Magdalene and what she represented? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is a must for you!

Church leaders in the Fifth Century AD went to great efforts to mislabel Mary Magdalene as a prostitute only to be forced to reverse their message in 1969. Her books were left out of the canonized Holy Bible and after 2000 years, there is now more interest than ever in this woman. This informative and captivating workshop will explore the stories, myths, and folklore of a woman who has been revered as a disciple, teacher, apostle, leader, and healer.

During this workshop you will learn historical data combined with WisdomGoddess Beverley’s own objective research and study in a manner that is ideal for both men and women. Fascinating material from her two-week trip in the South of France where she followed the “footsteps” of Mary Magdalene will also be explored and discussed, as well as her photographs of ancient landmarks dedicated to this great woman.

After critical analysis and stimulating discussions regarding information from modern France and texts of the past, participants will be able to better form their own educated opinions about the role of Mary Magdalene.

To schedule an A Woman Called “The Sophia”: Mary Magdalene Seminar email: info@bevdanusis.com or call 260.602.7866.



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