Quotes from our Friends about: Bev’s Seminars and Retreats:

"I just wanted to let you know that I listened in on your interview/talk last week and absolutely loved it. [Oct 1, 2013].  I can't wait to read your book! You were on fire with Sophia, sister and I felt so empowered to move ahead in my life as a woman. I loved how passionate you are about God."
Michele Addino-Colchin

"Oh Bev! I'm listening right now to your interview and I am in absolute bliss to here your inspiring voice moving mountains for us all! I so bless our times together and also engrossed writing The Hum of Love – Awaking the Feminine Voice of God."
Elisa Lodge, Santa Barbara, CA

"Vinaka.  I am so moved, to tears…thank you…thank you."
Phyllis in Fiji

"I am a man and I am standing on my feet and cannot sit, Oh Great mother of LOVE!"

"CONGRATULATIONS! John & I both listened to the whole program. You were energized "into the heights" of inspired truth, yet such a warm, welcoming tone that allows many to enter in. I appreciated the "poem" which gave me chills. I know and appreciate that sign."

"You Go Goddess!!! Lovely. Preach it sister!"
Karen Moussou

"Oh my dear GoddessSister, that was a most empowering moment in time!  Thank you for so lovingly and passionately sharing your wisdom so that we may remember ours!"

"I can’t wait until your new book comes out so that I can read about the journey!  I’ve heard the stories from Sue Morter and Brent Phillips on their ‘awakening’ and would love to hear yours.  While I learned some many pearls of wisdom from you yesterday, here’s 2 of my more important take-aways.  First, it IS a journey and God only presents us 1 step at a time. Each step is to be relished and taken to be gifted with the next step.  The focus must be on the process and not the end results.  This gave me such a sense of peace to my heart.  He’s (or she’s) got the plan.  I just have to walk it step by step.  My biggest take away was that when we have been gifted with a powerful message to deliver, it is our responsibility to deliver it and in as big a way as possible to have the greatest impact.   While your message to young and older women is so powerful and needed, this new message is so much more powerful.  I also sensed in you a centered passionate energy which in itself confirmed your message."
Ellen J Mann

"Thank-you so much for the awesome seminar. . . It filled me up and nourished my soul. I made new friends and great connections and I renewed old goddess friends. My intuition was right on target when I pushed the register button on your sight. But coming to one of your gatherings really is a "no brainer." Hey maybe you can use that. LOL. Hope our meeting isn't so long in-between next time. Much love and hugs."
Cheryl Nimtz

"Dear goddess friend!!! I want to T. U. for the awesome job you did on Wednesday, 5-16-2012. I heard nothing but wonderful comments."

"My heart was touched by your inspiring and uniting message on Saturday, 5-12-2012.   Something I especially appreciated was the insight that honoring the feminine principle does not mean ignoring or demeaning the valuable role that men with heart can bring to a united effort to transform our planet into a sacred place. That is such a valuable part of your message and one which corroborates my experience of partnering for 23 years with a husband who seeks every day to be awake. I was also powerfully struck by the central theme that it is UNNATURAL for women to compete, back-bite, betray, gossip about each other. Your story of the little girl in your circle created a stunning portrait of the authenticity of supportive and loving relationships between females. Your words wove pictures in my mind which I am carrying in my heart and have shared with both my husband, Richard, and my other best friend, our 26 year old daughter, Andrea.

When I was thinking of you today, I wondered if you had ever read Tatterhood and Other Tales: Stories of Magic and Adventure. These are stories of spirited females, and it was a favorite of Andrea. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend considering it in your work.

I feel confident that our paths will merge again and look forward to it. Until then, may your work be blessed."
Teresa Johnson, Right Relations, Inc, volunteer

"As a member of the U.S. Olympic Team’s Coaching and Motivational Staff, I frequently have the opportunity to observe other trainers. Beverley was the true gift of this week’s seminars. Her presentation was concise, unselfish, and energized, as well as extremely professionally informed.”
Dr. Terri E. Preiser, Legal Psychologist, FL

“Bev’s seminar has been instrumental in helping me learn how to balance my work and personal life…let go of guilt and stay focused on the present, not the past. Both my professional and personal life have been profoundly changed by this experience.”
Janice Skipper, Aurora, Oregon

“Bev’s delivery was compelling, energetic, professional, motivating and engaging.”
Jane Deuber, Monterey, California

“Passionate, humorous, joyful, positive, empowering – – that is the essence of Beverley Danusis and her workshop. She provides a look at the world through a fresh perspective – – or perhaps an ancient perspective – – of which we all need to be reminded. Thank you for waking us up.”
Karen Moussou — Mom, Artist, and Spiritual Coach, Fort Wayne, IN

“Your seminar in Los Angeles was absolutely phenomenal. The response from the attendees was so fabulous that they can hardly wait to attend another one. Truly, you are a gifted speaker and an awesome motivator. I personally have attended many seminars and you certainly rate among the very top.”
Lois K. Lee, President LYC International. Stockton, California

“My life has been chaotic with work and home-schooling my sons. The workshop has shown me a way to focus on goddess powers and how to tap into the one I need for a particular problem or project. Even co-workers have noticed the smiles I have been bringing in to work.”
Tracy Spencer, mother, business woman, Oregon

“I feel like a new woman, more certain and intuitive of my feminine power. You put together an excellent program for women.”
Kin Hodous, Businesswoman and Mother, Cottonwood, Arizona

“As a woman, I believe this was the wisest investment in my life that I have ever made. I learned the art of inner listening and experience a passionate reconnection with empowerment”
Eloise Christian, Saratoga, California

“I have spent a lifetime gathering pieces and bits of wisdom and techniques, but not until I attended a Beverley Danusis retreat was I able to put them together into a beautiful picture of peace, joy, harmony and accomplishment.”
Faith Eden, Author and Counselor, Seaside, California

“Your presentation was amazing last night! Everyone who filled out an evaluation said that the evening met their expectations and wanted others to hear the message. I’m very impressed, and truly appreciate how you listened to our needs and incorporated them into the message. This is a rare thing. I’m still a little stunned. You’re really great at what you do, Bev, and I can truly picture our world getting better and better—as our Girl Scout world— our leaders, moms and girls hear your message. “
Natalie Eggeman, Director of Development, Girl Scouts of Limberlost Council

“Beverley’s Tapestry Day presentation – standing room only – was phenomenal. I spent some time simply watching the audience’s reaction and was gratified to see that they were all in the palm of Bev’s hand. With empathy, enthusiasm and humor, she captivated the women with her philosophy of empowerment and the goddess within each female. I have heard Bev speak on several different occasions and each time, I come away with something new and wondrous to ponder. “
Barb Sieminski, Freelance Journalist

“Many thanks for your motivation. You were a success and really dug right in and hit home us all! You are such a precious gem and I can’t even start to express how fortunate I feel to have you in my life. Thank you for your grace, spirit and love!”
Lynn Onishi, Milpitas, California

“Thank you so much for your kind inspirational words. One of the best things you did for me is you told me that I was not being authentic and that I needed to drop it in my heart and find my own wisdom. This was a huge realization for me and started me on a new path that got me here today! Thank you for your honesty, your support and as always your light. Have a beautiful day! “
Violet Igolnikov, Step into your iPotential. California

“Beverley has spoken during our Sunday morning service, as well as presenting workshops for us.  She is an awesome minister and speaker.  She understands and cares about people, and connects with everyone.  Just a few of the words that describe her are; 'inspiring', 'gifted', 'wise', 'scholarly', 'caring', 'enthusiastic', and 'fantastic'.  We are always delighted.”
Rev Sarah Tuttle, Life Enrichment Center

“Bev has such a wonderful presence, you cannot help but be inspired to go and create all your dreams!”
Pamela Ann Mudge, Portland, Oregon

“The comfortable acceptance, sharing and warmth which bonded us made the retreat experience a timely highlight in my life. I was sorry to see it end.”
Jean Wagner, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, Glendale, Ohio

“The experience was life changing and I think about it every day. Words are too simple and too ineffective a tool to convey the meaning of the retreat experience.”
Paula Harvill, Director of Training, Little Rock, Arkansas

“You were truly extraordinary on Friday.  I was blown away with your message, your presence, your being. Thank you for the all of it. You are indeed a Goddess!”
Tammy Zonker, LLC, Sustainable Funding. Inevitable. Indiana

"You can certainly quote me.  It was your seminar that helped me stop obsessing about how big my nose was, lol, it's not that bad.  I learned if you tell yourself your beautiful, you really become that and I'm so happy that I feel beautiful these days. "
Abby Rowley, Springfield, Ohio

“The main reason I am writing is just to let you know how inspiring I find you to be, how much I enjoy being with you, and how much I feel I could grow from being around you more. You are an extraordinary person! Thank you for taking time to care!”
Sherri Weidman, Chief Executive Officer , Girl Scouts of Limberlost Council, Fort Wayne, IN

“Profound wisdom was flowing through Beverley Danusis in her seminar offering. Her command of the stage and the room was significant; especially her ability to persevere over unexpected noise from next door when she cleverly danced around the stage in cadence to the noise coming through the walls, and in her skillful continuation of her enlightening presentation without missing a beat!”
Rebecca Ravine

“It was a pleasure meeting you today and being a part of your presentation. You are an outstanding speaker with a powerful message and mission.”
Karen Bachert

“What an inspiration Beverly is!  Her dolls and book are unique ways of reminding us of our self-worth.”
Linette H. Ohio

“The retreat helped me understand that work is important and that I am important too…you can’t give from an empty basket…I now have more to give and am more productive.”
Debbie Bosley, Sun Microsystems, San Jose, California

“I was almost mesmerized by the presentation. If it had been a meal it would have consisted of the finest wine, the finest of delicacies for appetizers, a main course fit for a queen and desert would have been created by the greatest chef in France. I must have consumed, 5,000 calories.”
Carol Brim, Flagstaff, AZ, Police Department

“Beverley, you were such an inspiration and pleasure to have as our guest speaker.  I wish I had brought my whole family to hear you!  God Bless you and your message to women and girls.  We all need to hear and appreciate you.  Thank you.”
Darlene B. Ohio

“Without this retreat, I am not sure I would have had the confidence or courage to make some significant changes I am making. I can not thank you enough.”
Kay Harley, Clinical Director, Benton, Arkansas

“Bev gave me a shot in the arm. She has been wonderful. Truly inspirational. “
Pat Farmer, Idaho State University

“I sent away fired up, ready to slay dragons and move mountains.”
Theresa McQuerrey, Arizona Commisson on the Arts

“I just love the Goddess part!!  It was wonderful to meet you and hear about your quest for empowering girls and women. I do believe that should be a Number 1 Priority in today's world.”
Pam Conboy

“Making time for me will now receive top priority, in order to receive all of life’s gifts and to give back the best of me.”
Dr. Linda Tweto-Johnson, Laytonville, California

“This was the most exciting, informative seminar I have ever attended. Bev had my undivided attention the entire time. My hat is off to her.”
Debra Probst, Sarns3M


Quotes From Our Friends about: "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses Book":

“'Sophia and the Seven Goddesses' is an empowering journey of Self-discovery and acceptance for women of every age!  I cannot think of a better time than this very moment to reflect the vast possibilities that open for us as we embrace the wisdom teachings of the Goddess.  I encourage each of us to buy this book, share it with our daughters and celebrate it with our friends.   Yes, the deepest heart wisdom of the Goddess is ours to live, now!"
Marsh Engle, Author & Feminine Success Coach
Founder of Amazing Woman's Day Worldwide

"I wish I would have had a book like this when I was a pre-teen, because I had such low self-esteem from most of my school years until well into my 30's. It would have helped me to realize and use my intuition. And realizing I had this ability within me I would have had a more positive self-image."
Michelle Hill, Fort Wayne, IN

"Prayers sent your way and encouragement to ALL Goddesses out there!!! This is a beautiful and encouraging book for girls and women of all ages! :)"
Jennifer Dobler, Chattanooga, TN

“Good morning! I read your book which I won at the networking lunch where we met! I LOVED it and thank you for what you do for women and girls.”
Kristi Cortezano

“What a gift this book truly was for me! I went into reading this book with the viewpoint that it was mainly directed at a younger generation, going through those awkward changes and a lack of acceptance about their bodies. I came out of reading this book with a renewed appreciation about my own body as a 35-year-old woman. This book is a must for women of all ages! The authors write with such vivid imagery and in doing so, helped me gain a new appreciation for my own unique body and inner Goddess.”
Regina Sanders, Raleigh, NC

“I have just read "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses" with tears streaming down my face and a fullness of joy and hope in my heart that just has no end. This book is the embodiment of the Goddess Herself, and a story told with such simplicity and clarity that it will transform ALL who read it, most importantly girls and women. The gentle build up of how to center, focus, use our intuition, and discover ourselves through the threads of the Web of Life and the Heart of Everything, and our Creativity summed up so eloquently everything I have experienced in my 61 years of life.”
Mary L. Lazoff-fyfe, Fort Wayne, IN

“Pretty much every girl I know struggles, or has struggled, with body issues and self-confidence. It seems to come along with being a girl. And unfortunately a lot of girls don't ever gain the self-confidence and self-acceptance that they so desperately deserve. This book is an excellent way to learn how to love yourself for whom you are not what the TV and Hollywood "says you should be." Real women have curves, body fat, flaws, you name it. There is no "perfect" woman out there, and there shouldn't be. If you grow to love yourself, you will feel so much better and everyone around you will notice. So do yourself a favor… read the book. Love yourself. Be a girl and be proud of what you have, not what you don't.”
Rachel Parteko, Ossian, IN

“This book is a must read for anyone who wants to inspire young girls and let them know that they are powerful. Beverley Danusis and Ilene Satala take us on a wonderful journey with Sophie, a 12 year-old girl who starts out shy and riddled with self-doubt. Like many tweens, Sophie looks at her developing body and compares herself to media images of women. The hatred of the imperfect face and body begin.

Sophie takes an archeological trip to Greece with her grandparents. She discovers the powerful Greek goddesses and the goddess inside of her. Through her friend Athena, she learns how to commune with nature and lead with her heart, rather than her fears. There is a wonderful parent guide and exercises that will help girls meet life's challenges with courage. You go, girls!”
Linda Hollander, “Wealthy Bag Lady,” Los Angeles, CA

“I read this book to my 5th grade students and was surprised to see that both girls and boys loved it! The adventure aspect of it really kept the boys interested and the girls especially loved the fantasy element; although, I did have many of my girls tell me that they liked the adventure of it as well, and the fact that the female characters in the book were very independent, strong, and daring. I dedicated the book to our school library and there is a waiting list to read it; many of my students even want to read it again. This book is an excellent source for boosting healthy self-esteem in girls and I believe it has even helped to alleviate some of the bullying issues in our school. Two thumbs up for this one!”
LaMer, “BYW,” Austin, TX

“Empowerment is something intangible, yet invaluable.”Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: A Journey of Self-Acceptance" is about a nearly-teenage girl's adventures during his visit to her archeologist grandparents in the historied nation of Greece. Sophia during her trip meets several Greek Goddesses who each inspire her with a gift to help her through life and become empowered. A book about finding power in oneself, "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses" is a solid gift for any young girl.”
Midwest Book Review

“Taking place in a setting many young girls dream about, archaeology in an exciting place, Sophie discovers the wonder than can occur when she trusts her inner wisdom.”Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: A Journey of Self-Acceptance" is more than entertaining; it is a powerful look at what can happen when each person does not yield to peer pressure but follows their own path and explores the possibilities that open at each corner. This story is timeless and very timely!”
C. Safiran

“A masterful job of storytelling and painting that allows girls – young, big, little and old – to be perfect just as we are!”
Baxter Clare, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I gave "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses" to my Grand daughters for Christmas.  It is filled with a wonderful adventure as well as the deep wisdom of knowing and loving themselves. As they become more involved in school and sports they are becoming so competitive and wanting to get the "best Grade" in order to be of value. This book teaches that they are valuable within themselves.  It is great fun to read it to them and talk about the adventure and the wonderful illustrations. I highly recommend it.”
Ann Beeching, Indiana

“As a therapist and mother of a daughter, I am very taken with this lovely and exciting book. When my daughter was younger we read all the American Girl books together and I could see how positively they affected her sense of "how to be". This fabulous story of Sophie and her new friend Tena and their amazing adventure in the ancient ruins of Greece (the story takes place in current times) reaches even deeper into the needs of adolescents to validate not just "how to be" but "how to be authentically who they already are". As a therapist, I know that this essential journey can take a lifetime. This appealing well-written tale of self-acceptance will become a welcomed guide for your tween as well as a delightful story to enjoy.”
Rhonda Jackisch, Indiana

“This book starts as a seemingly simple story of young Sophie's vacation to Greece, but the messages that unfold within the pages will captivate readers of all ages. As I read this book, I kept envisioning the transformation most certainly made by every young teen girl who reads it (and as others have said, by every woman who reads it.) The honest descriptions of Sophie moving through her own issues of body image and accepting her appearance are invaluable, as is her willingness to honor her power as a woman and her place in the web of life. This is truly a book that we can give to our daughters, mothers, nieces, and girlfriends with the intent of embracing these loving truths.”
Ellen Sauer, Indiana

“I was to work at painting a spare room, but I just couldn't resist this beautiful book. I read the whole thing, lying in a hammock on a beautiful day – and it was truly amazing!

Although it is for tweens, I felt that I finally understood how to open my heart up and follow the "threads of life in my web". It was simple – yet so deep and beautiful! I especially loved the part when Tina showed Sophie how to communicate and swim with the turtle. Then, there was the spider web at the Tree of Life (I could visualize the whole place – your words painted such a vivid scene!) I felt so many times – especially with the animals, that you were writing just for ME. (And isn't that a sign of a tremendous story-teller?!!)

Congratulations on a meaningful, inspiring, heartwarming story that should be read by EVERYONE!”

Kim Waldschmidt – Art Teacher, Indiana

“Just finished this book on the way home tonight on the bus and I feel this book is magical for women of all ages! I loved the adventures of Sophie and Tena and what great role models that makes for all of us. I felt like I was there with them! The authors really captured the unseen world coming to life and beautiful as well. The part at the end where the goddesses came to life almost brought tears to my ears as it took me back to my meditation in Honduras sitting in the museum where there, as well as this book, was so much love. I felt it in the words and story. Thank you for writing and illustrating this wonderful book. I can't wait for the sequel!”
Susan Mullen


Quote From Our Friends about: "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses: Journal Book Adventure":

"Your workbook is spectacular, and I can FEEL the love and care that has gone into it. I'm so happy that you are doing this work, and that you are bringing Goddess Wisdom to young women and to all of us. I've got chills down to my toes just to think of it! I thank you from the depths of my heart for all that you are! Your are truly an inspiration."

Amrita Grace, reclaimingaphrodite.com

"Just want you to know that Paige (9) and McKenna (7) are going through their "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses" Journals right now!  The first words out of McKenna’s mouth upon waking are “Goddess Journal!” They BEG me to do them with them!  And…when McKenna and I were playing basketball together on Saturday she told me I couldn’t steal the ball from her because, “It’s a Goddess Rule!”  HA!  So now, we call each other Goddess of This and That…like Goddess of Brushing Your Teeth, or Goddess of Clean Bedrooms, etc!  Such a good time.  We are on Heart Hugs right now…wonderful stuff!"

Jill R. Powers, CFP®, Indiana


Quotes From Our Friends about: “Her Wisdom” Teachings:

“Just want you to know how much I enjoy your uplifting, motivational, and inspiring Her Wisdom messages. They are definitely written for the present time we are living in. We surely need all the help we can get, and this is something you are offering in a positive, down to earth manner.  You are so in tune with the Universe and its needs.  Bless you for keeping us on track.”
 Love, Bonnie White, San Diego, CA

“Dear Lady, your words here take me to that state described by the Poet as ‘when feeling out of sight for the ends of ideal Being and grace.’”
Bless you, Ayil from Indiana

"Wow the message was awesome, as is every message you send. Happy New Year, love you."  
Acaysha Dolfin, Arizona

“God used you in my life today and you weren't even aware of it 🙂 Just goes to show you that at anytime we can be an influence and/or an inspiration! Thank you for the "Her Wisdom" email… it was exactly what I needed to hear today….very gentle reminder.”
Because of Him, Amy

“You rock! Thank you for all your endless gifts, your amazing book, your Her Wisdom, and the whole package.”
Kindly and thankfully, Diane – Boulder, Colorado

Thank you so much!  This message came at the perfect time for me, (like most of your messages do), as I wake up every day trying not to be fearful of the future.  Your heart wisdom will help me to accomplish that today and the next!"
Love you!  Margaret Mohr, Sacramento, California

“On behalf of men everywhere who respect women as equals with some talents and intuitions we as men have stifled.  I commend you for once again getting to the heart of the matter – no pun intended.  You have provided a new and fresh way to convert "knowledge about" we derived from "The HeartMath Solution".  Again, with deep respect – thank you for sharing.”
Melvin Deardorf, Indiana