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God Sends Us Signs

August 15th, 2015

Today while looking outside my kitchen window, I watched the sun slowly rising and shining high into the treetops. The light coming through the trees was splendid. I said a prayer and asked for more Light to be shed on my life so I could more clearly see things that keep me from living a […]

It is when we choose Wisdom, step by step, taking the highest possible path, a path without friction. On the Beauty Path™, we live a life of neutrality and walk in harmony and balance. This happens when we let go of fear and commit to our liberation from the Seven Disempowering Habits: blame, shame, question […]

Born Gifted

March 14th, 2014

We each are born with an incredible gift of knowing-ness. We have not been taught to trust and honor it. In many ways, we have been taught just the opposite. Our heart-knowing is always accurate, and is our built-in guidance system; it will direct every area of our lives, perfectly. The trick is to follow […]