We continuously seek new people and organizations to partner with as we strive to achieve the mission of Beverley Danusis, LLC: "Bringing Wisdom into the World through the Hearts of Women & Girls™." Please visit any of these sites and learn how others are helping with our joint cause to create a better world.


Reading the blog of DailyOM: Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit is one of the ways I begin my day. This organiazation offers other empowerment tools as well.  DailyOM shares much wisdom and knowledge that inspires and empowers.  I suggest their good work to anyone who is interested, and dedicated to his or her personal spiritual evolution.  I deeply appreciate the OM Community whose goal is to be a part of creating a better world.


Handle with Kare offers Goddess Candles featuring art and affirmations aligned with each of the goddesses represented in "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses." The site also provides products and resources for your self-discovery journey and products expressing art and world-culture.


Jill Schoenberg is the award-winning author of "Journal Buddies for Boys and Girls", an activity book full of activities, which take only 10 minutes per day, that will help you bond with your child and create a better sense of self-esteem, which is critical in developing a healthy, happy child.


Beauty Mark is a video for anyone who has ever been affected by the battle with self-esteem and fitting into our culture's unrealistic beauty standards. Watch the video trailer here.


Sophia's Portico
Sophia's Portico offers a haven to explore opportunities for growth in feminine spirituality, seeking to restore the balance between feminine and masculine energies.



Carol Lynn Pearson is a spiritual woman who writes about personal experiences in her books and videos. "Mother Wove the Morning" is a play in which Carol portrays 16 different women throughout history in search of the female face of God.



Grace Awakening facilitates healing, awakening, and integration of sexuality through intimacy coaching, education, and healing sessions, with a focus on releasing shame and wounding.




The Kachmann Mind Body Institute is dedicated to helping individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle through a wide variety of programs designed to reconnect the mind and body.

“We are dedicated to bringing wellness to the community,” states Dr. Kachmann. “I believe that the vast majority of people who go to a doctor are actually in need of a coach. It is interesting that the Latin origin of the word “doctor” means “teacher,” and that is what we strive to do; teach people how to be healthy.”