Heart Hug™ for Adults (children's version below)DSC_3460_small

  1. Pause, become quiet within.
  2. Focus your thoughts into your heart.  Place both hands over your heart center.  This is called a “Heart Hug™”.  This simple childlike gesture will sooth your mind and relax your body.  It will bring about an interconnection with your mind and heart, allowing your higher wisdom to guide you.
  3. Next concentrate on someone or something you deeply love…allow that love to wash over you for a minute or two. 
  4. Listen and feel, within your heart and body for the answer(s).  Yes, you must feel within your entire body as well as listen.  Feeling is one of the secrets to hearing your inner wisdom speak.
  5. Write down what you felt and heard.  Try not to second guess yourself or question what you felt and heard.  Just write it down.
  6. Read or say it aloud several times and ponder your words and feelings.

As you read the information aloud test it out to see how it feels.  What does your body say?  How is your body responding or is it reacting?  Does your body resonate with your answer?  Does your reply feel positive or negative? 

Your heart and body will alert you to whether the information is authentic, coming from your higher wisdom or not, by sending you a positive emotional feeling or negative one. 

Make sure you are paying attention to how your body feels when the information is given to you.  Your body is the first “one” to know whether the intelligence is coming from your heart-mind-body connection (positive feeling) or from your disconnected ego-mind (negative feeling).

Your answer, affirmation or aha will come and you will know it is right by asking your feeling body.  You can always trust your feeling body.  It knows.

You can transform your stressful life with this easy and fun Heart Hug™ exercise.

Practice the Heart Hug™ exercise often during the day.  How difficult can it be to stop your stressful life, several times a day, and do a quick “Heart Hug™” to re-align your heart-mind-body.

Did you know eventually the Heart Hug™ exercise will teach you to automatically live from your inner wisdom, without having to stop and give yourself a Heart Hug™?  How good is that!

Remember if you do not have time to stop and go through the above steps, simply placing your hands over your heart center will bring about coherence…harmony with the mind and heart.

Practice the Heart Hug often! 



Heart Hug™ for Children

When practicing the Heart Hug™, your heart might tell you that everything will be okay, while other times you will get a calming feeling that floods over your body.  The more you practice the Heart Hug™ the more you’ll learn from it.  Here’s how the Heart Hug™ works.


Heart Hug™ in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Place your left hand over the center of your chest near your heart.  
  2. Place your right hand on top of your left hand.  (This is called your heart center.)
  3. Sit quietly for at least one minute and feel the love grow warm in your chest.  Gradually, feel it expand and grow bigger!

Yes, you can actually feel love in your heart center when you practice the Heart Hug™!  That’s incredible, isn’t it?